Term Life Insurance

  • Basic Term Life Insurance

    Eligible CMS employees are automatically enrolled in Basic Term Life Insurance paid for by CMS. In addition, CMS provides a benefit of $10,000. This benefit is payable to your beneficiary upon your death.

    Supplemental Term Life Insurance

    You may also apply for supplemental term life insurance through Unum to help provide you and your family with additional financial protection at affordable group rates. You have the option to purchase coverage for yourself, your spouse and your dependent children.

    • Employee: Select an amount between $10,000 and $1,000,000, in increments of $10,000, not to exceed five times your basic annual earnings.
    • Spouse: Select an amount between $5,000 and $100,000, in increments of $5,000, not to exceed 50% of the employee's supplemental coverage.
    • Child(ren): Select an amount between $2,500 and $10,000, in increments of $2,500 for each child up to age 26 years old who are dependent on the employee for maintenance and support.

    During your initial enrollment period, CMS employees may enroll for an amount up to the lesser of three times your basic annual earnings or $650,000 without having to provide Evidence of Insurability. You may also enroll your spouse up to the lesser of 50% of your election amount or $50,000 without providing Evidence of Insurability. However, you must enroll within 30 days, or all amounts will be subject to Evidence of Insurability.

    Spouse and dependent coverage are contingent upon employee coverage. Supplemental Term Life rates vary based on your age and the amount of coverage you choose.

    Employees must be actively at work for coverage to take effect. In addition, dependents must not be totally disabled for coverage to take effect.

    This is an outline of coverage provided and does not include all of the terms, coverage, exclusions, limitations and conditions of the actual contract language.