CMS District Surveys

  • The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School district has open surveys. The data gathered will help schools make improvements in several areas, so we strongly encourage you to participate. Our current surveys include:

    CMS 2024-25 Calendar Survey:
    You have a chance to vote for your preferred 2024-25 academic school calendar. Please take the survey from the CMS website at Go to the Parents and Students section and click surveys. The survey closes Wednesday, May 10. The Board of Education is expected to vote on the calendar during its June 6 board meeting.

    The calendar committee convened multiple times and developed two calendars that meet the requirements set forth, which include:

    • Instructional days may not start prior to the Monday closest to August 26
    • Instructional days may not end after the Friday closest to June 11
    • Must have a total of 215 days 
    • Must have 185 instructional days or 1025 instructional hours minimum 
    • Instructional days must be 6-hours, minimum of 171 days (1025 hours)​
    • Must include 10 annual leave days (days instructional staff can take vacation leave)
    • Must include 11 Holidays 
    *Committee is asked to build in six (6) extra days to allow for early release and waived make-up days
    Two options for 2024-25 academic calendar

Open Surveys

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