• Strategic Plan

    Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is planning and preparing for Endless Possibilities with the development and implementation of our five-year Strategic Plan. This plan, which will span the years 2024 through 2029, serves as the road map for how we will achieve the Goals and Guardrails adopted by the Board of Education in October 2023.

    To begin the work, we organized four cross-functional working teams. After several rounds of thorough and comprehensive research, the teams developed suggested priorities and actions, which are aligned to the district’s Pillars of Excellence. Along the way, we added new perspectives, gathering input from our stakeholders – employees, parents, community partners, and advisory groups. We also convened a Think Tank comprised of select members from each of these stakeholder groups to delve deeper into the details for clarity.

    This iterative process of assessing, adjusting and re-assessing continues as we work to finalize the strategies and metrics for the plan. Our Strategy & Innovation team will share an overview of the plan and drafted priorities with the Board of Education in late March. The strategies will be shared later in the Spring.

2024-2029 Goals and Guardrails

  • In October 2023, the CMS Board of Education approved the district’s goals and guardrails for 2024-2029. 



Strategic Planning and Budget Planning

  • CMS is developing a five-year strategic plan and finalizing the district's operating budget for the next school year. Through a series of community engagement sessions, we actively involve stakeholders in the decision-making process, ensuring that the voices of parents, educators, and community members are heard and valued. Our discussions center around a shared commitment to excellence. Together, we are laying the foundation for a dynamic educational experience that empowers our students and our team to thrive. More information about this process is forthcoming.